Friday, December 6, 2013

Bones update

Painting bones is a whole lot a fun :)

Stone Golem (Base stills needs some work):

Mimic (guess who just got some Tamiya Clear Red in the mail ;))


Flesh Golem (needs more gore!)

And I still got some commission work in (ACW 10mm Confederates from GHQ)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bones done so far

This post is all about Reaper Bones and the current state of the ones I managed to get my hands on. I´m having fun with these - the fact they´re dirt cheap allows for a great degree of freedom painting them up. Also there are a lot of "themes" that I do not normally paint, which is a lot of fun.

Enough text, time for some pics.

A beholder:

An Owlbear

Some sort of cyber gorilla grafted with a minigun:

The Frost Wyrm (complete with hot glue icicles). This is easily 15cm high - a big mini:

A pink haired fairy like lady:

A slobbering Mimic

A sci fi trooper lady:

A WIP Gryphon my 7 year old daughter is working on :)

And great old Squid head I´m working on while I paint other stuff (this is huge at about 30cm high). All pics are blurry :

Now I (really really) have to go back to commission work for a while. ACW 10mm and Medieval Portuguese @15mm are waiting in the workbench pipeline.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reaper: A bounty of Bones

After a long time sitting in customs my Bones package has finally arrived - early Christmas :D

I have a Vampire Pledge, one Cthulhu and one Frost Wyrm, adding up to a total of 243 miniatures :)

My method of going about eating away at that 243 miniature high pile of bones is simple and fun (for me at least):

In between projects, when I need different miniature to avoid "period boredom" (sets in after I paint about 30 miniatures for a given commission), I close my eyes and dunk my hand into the Vampire pledge box and paint whatever comes up.

I started this process off with 2 miniatures:

77079: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

One of 80013: Nova Corp:Female

Of these I have one done (Nova Corp Female), one almost done (Female Paladin) and one right in the middle of WIP (Gnome Wizard).

Here are some pics of my take on these minis.

Bad pictures of my female Paladin, a bit evil looking due to all the reds. Truth is, I only found out it was a Paladin after I settled on a palette...

And my Nova Corp Female:

They came along a bit since the photos and are both practically done. I will take some picture under a better light a post them up later.

So, regarding Bones, 2 down, 241 to go :D

On the table now is a Gnome Female Wizard and an Owlbear :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ronin Setup

Setting up a Ronin (from Osprey) board for some additional playtesting and snapped a few pics that give the current state regarding Japanese skirmish scenery.

Some stealthy Ninja approach a Dojo seen in the distance.

Statues are Chinese Drift shop incense burners with a lick of paint to look like stone.

A better view of the Incense burners/Statues as the Ninja inch closer to the Dojo.

Outside the Dojo the drama unfolds - a lone Ronin faces the Daimyo´s personal champion to recover his wife and son (barely visible in the upper right corner). The Daimyo looks on as the contestants measure each other.

"There is your family,  ronin scum!" Growled the Hatamoto in harsh guttural tones. "You hust have to get through me!" His voice spoke with the confidence of a 100 won duels.

Another member of the Daimyo´s personal Hatamoto prepares to pick off the meddling Ninja with his yumi (that would be a bow).

An overview of the setup:
A lone Ronin duels the Daimyo´s champion for the life of his family. It´s an unfair battle, but little do they know that his estranged stepfather (who had previously disowned his daughter) sent in an elite group of Ninja to retrieve her. Drama in the Sengoku Jidai! :D

Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 update, part 2

Picking up where I left off.

15mm Light Horse auxiliaries (Thracians) for FoG Republican Romans, done on comission.

15mm Forged in Battle IS3 (one of three identical tanks). Not quite finished in the below picture (will post up some finished pics when I find them). Also done on commission.

Half tracked  FoW army on the workbench I took with me to the European Team Championship over in Serbia:

Gaming & Beer over at Serbia.

Team FoW Portugal placed 5th overall - an excellent result :)

Back to the addictive Bruegelburgs, this time round with a Landshneck (base unfinished)

And a Reaper king like figure (still in WIP) which would fit nicely as a Pict king for the Conan universe (using Matakishi´s CROM! ruleset - . 

And back again to the Bruegelburgs with a Poet-like character mounted on a pig. Very fun mini to paint.

Recently picked up Osprey Publishing´s Ronin ( which I thoroughly recommend and my brush itched for some samurai, so I picked those up again. Only the old woman below is a new miniature - Dark looking samurai was a not-Grave Guard for a WHFB Samurai/VC army I ran for a couple of years. All miniatures are Perry.

Perry Ashigaru amidst my Japanese themed scenery:

Scratch built Yumi (bow) wielding Samurai (next to a Muslim villager woman who´s been hanging by the workbench with a big pot on her head). And yes, a Yumi is the largest of all bows, and it´s easily over 220cm for a normal sized archer -

An exception to all the Samurais I have in my collection, the fellow below is from em4 minitures, Oriental Blades line (

And the Yumi Samurai all painted up (basing still to be done)

 Another em4 Oriental Blades Samurai, a barefoot Ronin. Really like this fellow, the sculpt is full of character.

A couple of projects still missing from the list - I´ll have to see where I left the photos on those.

Back to regular updates now. At least for a while :)