Friday, October 25, 2013

Going Herbert West on this blog

I´ll going Reanimator on the blog post now all the pout-pourri of stuff I´ve been painting since my last (January) post. A pretty eclectic bunch of miniatures now that I look at them all in one place.

Let the Herbert Westing commence:

I painted a Reaper Bones Gargoyle to test out the stuff in anticipation of getting my Bones pile of fun

Then I painted up some more Perry Islamic Warriors to complement my ongoing Seljuk project (which finally found some support in SAGA, via the Steppes People board):

Then, to shift gears, I went for some of the (excellent Teutonic perfection) Bruegelburg miniatures ( A bit dark on this picture, but it´s the only one I got.

Followed by another Perry Muslim:

And then again a William Tell-like figure from Bruegelburg miniatures:

And from this I went into my waiting commissions.

20mm Spanish Civil War by Irregular miniatures:

And some 10mm ACW (GHQ, incredibly detailed). Only have some non atmospheric WIP shots of those.

This brings me up to about March 2013. Still some pictures to upload, but latest work done were some Essex 15mm Aztecs (on commission):

I´ll upload the remainder and do a 2nd getting-the-blog-up-to-date post. Expect some Samurai (getting into Ronin from Osprey right now), more Bruegelburgs (which are a heap of fun to paint) and more one-offs. Currently waiting on the commission table are:
  • 20mm SCW (Italians) & Asaltos.
  • 10mm ACW (Confederates) &
  • 15mm Medieval Portuguese FoG army.

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