Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FoW German Scouts

It has been a while since the last update, mainly because I've been playing more than painting.

With the release of Battlefront's V3 Ruleset for Flames of War, I have been playing the game a lot. I'm having lots of fun with the new version - probably the most I've had with the game since V1 :)

Well, that inspired me to do some hours on ww2 15mm, a nice change from the 28mm historics I've dedicated myself to in the last couple of months.

Always a challenge "scaling down" from 28mm to 15mm where painting is concerned - I always find myself spending way too much time on details no one will see on the gaming table on the first projects until I get to the 15mm "mindset" - hold the miniature at arms length, if it's ok, moe on to the next one.

That said, I got all my WW2 15mm out of the display cabinets to be checked for battle damage or a spot of repaint and organised some miniatures from the lead pile into platoons for painting.

As a curiosity - this is what 120+ AFVs and soft skins look like on my gaming table, ready for inspection:

The unit currently in progress is a German Motorised Scout platoon. It is composed of a command element and 3x squads. They can ride either motorcycles with sidecar or kubelwagens (both count as Jeeps in the rules, so it's really up to players taste). in my case the command will ride a kubelwagen (with lots of stowage and a always handy panzerfaust) and all the squads will be motorcycles with sidecars.

Finished up the command kubelwagen today:

Will post up the motorcycles as I finish them (currently assembled, based & primed).