Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bones done so far

This post is all about Reaper Bones and the current state of the ones I managed to get my hands on. I´m having fun with these - the fact they´re dirt cheap allows for a great degree of freedom painting them up. Also there are a lot of "themes" that I do not normally paint, which is a lot of fun.

Enough text, time for some pics.

A beholder:

An Owlbear

Some sort of cyber gorilla grafted with a minigun:

The Frost Wyrm (complete with hot glue icicles). This is easily 15cm high - a big mini:

A pink haired fairy like lady:

A slobbering Mimic

A sci fi trooper lady:

A WIP Gryphon my 7 year old daughter is working on :)

And great old Squid head I´m working on while I paint other stuff (this is huge at about 30cm high). All pics are blurry :

Now I (really really) have to go back to commission work for a while. ACW 10mm and Medieval Portuguese @15mm are waiting in the workbench pipeline.