Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A new look for some old halftracks

I recently dumped my FoW halftracks in some soap and water and cleaned them up ready to paint them up as a whole collection. They were sorely mismatched, having been acquired over the past decade or so.

I wanted them to be flexible in their gaming use, good for any front or passenger, so I kept them in a no frills dunkgelb base.

Yesterday I finished one up and kept the recipe for all the others. Still not 100% happy with it - I hate that mossy green camo net and will have to to something about it.

Here he is - the first of about 16 to do:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Henschel 129 B3

Finished last night, some air support for my Panzergrenadiers. A Hs129B3 with the massive 75mm canon. A truly unique (meaning weird) flying machine. Figure is 1:144 by Battlefront.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the table now

Finished a couple of comission works and have some in the queue, but I took a brief interval to paint up some stuff for me. No more text, all pics from here down:
BEF Tanks - Comission was the markings - white/red/white and freehand yellow markings
Me262 Sturmvogel, still lacking varnish (waiting for a sunny day)
Flammhetzer (some detailing left to do)
Hs129B3 WIP

Humber Scout cars (Comission work)

I also finished some Khurasan Tibetans but have no photos of that. Will wait for the customer to take some proper photos so I can have a memento :)

Upcoming post will mainly focus on 15mm Panzergrenadiers (Lehr) done for me and 20mm SCW/10mm ACW/15mm Romans on comission.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the workbench now

My workbench has been brim full of commission work but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of personal projects.

First up, a Gripping Beast Monk (limited edition miniature) I received from my good friend and fellow Suricata Club member José Martins (Adamastorus). A joy to slap some paint on and I did manage to try out a couple of things in unfamiliar territory (OSL on the hand and some green tinting on the eye lids - nice and subdued as to not make him look like e cheap whore). On the whole I´m happy with him. May come around to make the base look more alien though (perhaps with some reddish Martian tint). I dub him "Ping the Pittiless" - totally unrelated to Ming the Merciless :)

Ping the Pittiless
And a couple of 15mm BF Sturmtigers WIP

Peadoted Sturms

These will be finished up soon.


A quick review of the last month

Mainly focused on commission work for the last month and here is a quick review.

Numidian 15mm Elephants

Iberian 15mm command

Gaul 15mm command

Gaul 15mm Cavalry base

Gaul 15mm Cavalry base

15mm legion

WIP 15mm Tibetan Cataphracts

And that about sums it up. Next month will still feature commission work heavily, mainly the finished 15mm Tibetans from Khurasan and a new project - 20mm SCW :)