Friday, November 30, 2012

Hurricane IId for FoW

Latest commission work on the queue done - a Hurricane IId in tropical camo scheme, 15mm scale by Battlefront. Never had done a plane at this scale before, but I´m pretty happy with how it turned out.

On the commission queue lots of different things: from Tibetan 15mm Cataphracts to markings on Churchills. Will have plenty to keep me busy and variety enough to avoid boredom :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seljuk Emir done (kind of)

Apart from a couple of minor issues that a larger than 1:1 photo made blatantly obvious, these figures are now done and set the tone for what I want the rest of the army to look like:

Banner is in the Abassid fashion (plain black) accented with the Seljuk colours (blue) and with the Seljuk double-headed eagle in the reverse side. Carpet is based in the Konya patterns that originated in the Anatolian Seljuks.

I kept the pallete short to make the blues and reds stand out. I couldn´t resist painting up the "fruit" on the arab servant´s platter as Ferrero Rocher :) Plate itself in blue and white pottery, from China through the Silk Road.

I am not very familiar with desert basing and tried Sandy Paste - worked very nice. I accented that with some Basecrafts pebbles and dry grass tufts.

Now I will leave the Seljuks alone for quite some time as (happily) I have a good pipeline of commission work to finish.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Current status of Late Republican Roman 15mm

Three additional elements finished and delivered on this comission.

One unit of Legionnaires (only two to go)

The Light Horse element of the army - Numidians

And a Gaul command (either auxiliary or to be used in different armies)

Not much left to go on this job. Everything should be done in 2 to 3 weeks.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Viriathus & Stalins

Been busy on the workbench lately. Last work finished couldn´t be further apart in chronologically:

15mm IS2 tanks (Battlefront) done on comission:
Command IS2, with some stolen oil painting of a Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies splayed on the turret

One of the other tanks - the IS2 is a beast!

This one shows off nicely the pigment work I tried. Worked nicely, will use again

All 5 of the IS2 bumper to bumper

And a Lusitanian command stand with Crusader Miniatures:

Commander is Viriathus - his shield design is supposed to be Endovelicus, an Iron Age pre-Roman Lusitanian God

Next few days I´ll be finishing some Numidian Light Horse and a  Late Republican Roman Legion, both part of a FoG army comission.

Oh - I also managed to find time and dab some additional paint on my Seljuk Emir (right down the middle of the timeline between the previous 2 figures). Still some way to go, but he currently looks like this:

The Seljuk Emir, now with 100% more carpet


Friday, November 9, 2012

Work started on Emir

Started to do some work on the Emir who will command my small Seljuk host.

Blocked out some of the major colours and did some highlighting work. I also did the carpet. Turns out Seljuks in the Xth century were major influences in carpet making. I looked a whole lot of carpets and went ahead and concocted my own. Middle East means business with their carpets, and every colour and pattern in loaded with symbolism. I kept mine simple and floral/tree-of-life with some stars and moons on the border and made sure I used blue, which is a colour heavily identified with the Seljuks.

Sultan also sports a blue silk tunic, the traditional Seljuk hat (the boerk), riding boots and trousers of a pattern I´m still working out (currently stripped as you can see below). His golden goblet has water. I painted him with streaks of grey on his beard and braids. He certainly cannot represent Kilij Arslan - the Sultan was 17 when the 1st Crusade began, but already an accomplished commander. Will have to procure a more action oriented miniature for that (actually Perry´s command pack has Kilij himself, so I´ll just grab that).

This particular one would be an Emir, that has set up a command post directly on the Anatolian step and calmly surveys the battle field as he sips water and is waited on by his servants.

Emir of my Seljuk army

I quite like how its turning out. I will now move on to the other figures that will be in this composition (servants and a banner bearer). Overall look will help me decide on some colour details on the main figure.

I always try to do the "center piece" of a new project first, as it will set the tone for the entire project, even where it comes to colour pallet. I have  a big load of unpainted lead but am in no rush whatsoever - these miniatures are an absolute pleasure to paint. On their way from Perry are another 3 packs of Seljuk horse archers, which will help flesh out a mainly horse archer force supported by an armoured horse archer elite, the ghulam and complemented by some foot militia (town garrison).


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Open for Commssion work

I´ve been doing more and more commission work in the midst of the personal projects, so I might as well make it official.

I´ve just started, so my rates are pretty aggressive. Contact me for details at if you want me to budget some work. I paint any scale and any period (both for commissions and my personal projects), and historical work is well researched before starting.

Latest work out of the workbench:
Gaul Cavalry 15mm based for FoG (bad lighting, will solve that soon)

15mm IS2 part of a 5 tank platoon
So future posts will be a mix of commission work and personal projects - I´ve been slapping some paint on the Seljuk Turks and will have something ready to show soon.