Monday, October 28, 2013

Ronin Setup

Setting up a Ronin (from Osprey) board for some additional playtesting and snapped a few pics that give the current state regarding Japanese skirmish scenery.

Some stealthy Ninja approach a Dojo seen in the distance.

Statues are Chinese Drift shop incense burners with a lick of paint to look like stone.

A better view of the Incense burners/Statues as the Ninja inch closer to the Dojo.

Outside the Dojo the drama unfolds - a lone Ronin faces the Daimyo´s personal champion to recover his wife and son (barely visible in the upper right corner). The Daimyo looks on as the contestants measure each other.

"There is your family,  ronin scum!" Growled the Hatamoto in harsh guttural tones. "You hust have to get through me!" His voice spoke with the confidence of a 100 won duels.

Another member of the Daimyo´s personal Hatamoto prepares to pick off the meddling Ninja with his yumi (that would be a bow).

An overview of the setup:
A lone Ronin duels the Daimyo´s champion for the life of his family. It´s an unfair battle, but little do they know that his estranged stepfather (who had previously disowned his daughter) sent in an elite group of Ninja to retrieve her. Drama in the Sengoku Jidai! :D

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