Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reaper: A bounty of Bones

After a long time sitting in customs my Bones package has finally arrived - early Christmas :D

I have a Vampire Pledge, one Cthulhu and one Frost Wyrm, adding up to a total of 243 miniatures :)

My method of going about eating away at that 243 miniature high pile of bones is simple and fun (for me at least):

In between projects, when I need different miniature to avoid "period boredom" (sets in after I paint about 30 miniatures for a given commission), I close my eyes and dunk my hand into the Vampire pledge box and paint whatever comes up.

I started this process off with 2 miniatures:

77079: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

One of 80013: Nova Corp:Female

Of these I have one done (Nova Corp Female), one almost done (Female Paladin) and one right in the middle of WIP (Gnome Wizard).

Here are some pics of my take on these minis.

Bad pictures of my female Paladin, a bit evil looking due to all the reds. Truth is, I only found out it was a Paladin after I settled on a palette...

And my Nova Corp Female:

They came along a bit since the photos and are both practically done. I will take some picture under a better light a post them up later.

So, regarding Bones, 2 down, 241 to go :D

On the table now is a Gnome Female Wizard and an Owlbear :)

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